The North Carolina Federation is a non-profit organization that fosters communication between square, round and folk dancers, clubs, and dance leaders throughout the state of North Carolina.

The Federation sponsors quarterly dances and meetings, and hosts the annual dance convention in August of each year in Raleigh, the state capital.


President:    Ed & Bev Dickinson

email:             edickinson@triad.rr.com


Vice President:   Jennifer Willett

email:                       jennwillett@mac.com

Secretary:       Terry Gleason
email:                 gleasonterrence@gmail.com


Treasurer:    Sharon Baldwin
email:             shecallerhedancer@gmail.com

Past President:     Randy & Susan Bowers

email:                         bowers@triad.rr.com


Any member club can host the fall, winter or spring Federation Dance. Many clubs have been hesitant to host because of the worry that it could be a money losing proposition. The Federation will ensure that a financial loss doesn't occur.

If your club is interested in hosting, please contact Roger Routh for more details.

2020 NC State Convention has been cancelled!

The convention committee recently voted to cancel this year's state convention.


Here's a link to the message about the decision and convention status.

The 31st NC State Convention has been rescheduled for August 20-21, 2021  with the hope that square dancers will be able to safely dance again by that time.



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The Promenade is published online each quarter.

It provides news and views of the Federation officers, committees and member clubs. It is edited by

David & Christina Atkins who welcome contributions from members about their club activities.

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